Beta Epsilon Chapter

"Virtuous Women Bringing About Change"

What is Sigma Beta Xi Sorority?
Sigma Beta Xi is an organization, which started with the vision for true sisterhood between all women but specifically for women with children.


What is your mission?
Our mission is to promote self-improvement, community service, and higher education.  To create a sisterhood for women to express and share their joys and pains of motherhood, cares and concerns for the health issues and rights of women and children.

Why are you a community and campus based sorority?
We are a community based sorority because first and foremost we set out to serve in our communities  We are campus based as well in order to open up expansion in all venues.

Do you have to be a Mother to be a member?
No.  Being a Mother is not a pre-requisite for membership, you must simply be concerned about the issues that effect women and children.

How old do you have to be in order to be considered for membership?
We look to recruit women 18 years and  up.
                                                                                                                                         How do I become a member of Sigma Beta Xi?
You can request an application on line or in person at an interest meeting.  Once we receive it, we will contact you and let you know what steps to take thereafter.

Do you have a call and hand sign?
Yes.  We hold this information very close to our hearts and only the sisters of  Sigma Beta Xi Sorority know them.

Does Sigma Beta Xi have a pledge process?
Yes.   The process is needed to help build bonds between all new members and all existing members.  The sisters of Sigma Beta Xi Sorority adher to the greek council code for hazing as well as all of its policies and procedures as it applies to hazing.  We in no form allow hazing of any of our new and potential members.

 Is it expensive to join Sigma Beta Xi?
No.  Sigma Beta Xi is acutely aware of how important it is to balance money and finances as it applies  to our standards of living for todays woman and we are pleased to say that our expenses for membership are reasonable.  We offer options that will work for every woman, whether she is a college student
or a stay at home Mother.

 How much time is required in order to pledge?
We know that every woman has a life outside of the organization which is why we are willing to work around the schedules of all pledges in order to leave enough time for them to fellowship with one another.

What is gained from being in a sorority?
Sorority life offers something different for each member.  From meeting new people, volunteering in the community, to having a true sense of sisterhood, there are unlimited benefits.  When you join a sorority you form life long bonds with the women you come to know as your sisters.  Often times, these ladies
will be the ones standing as your bridesmaids at your wedding, or even be Godmother to your child, but most importantly, she is there to share all of your ups and downs.  She is your sister for life.





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